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Welcome to Woolyft

A platform that wants to make wellness accessible and personalized for all of your employees.

Woolyft connects people with a wellness ecosystem providing a variety of services and products that suit their individual needs and preferences.


Emotional Wellness

Physical Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Social Wellness

Employees Enrolled in Wellness Programs in Numbers


Of Employees have reported higher job satisfaction


of workers feed motivated to do their best at their jobs


Less than 25% of employees intend to leave their jobs within next 12 months

How Does it Work

Joining the Woolyft community is very Simple

Register your company in
Woolyft, so that your
employees obtain the
benefits of the ecosystem

Invite your employees to
register on the Woolyft
platform so they can start
enjoying the world of well-

Each person will have the freedom to select the service or product that best aligns with their concept of well-being. And enjoy!
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