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At Woolyft, we believe that well-being is deeply personal and should be as diverse as the people it serves.

Welcome to Woolyft


Our platform connects people with a vibrant ecosystem of wellness providers, offering an array of services that align with individual needs and preferences.

Wellness, for us, isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a mosaic of emotional, physical, intellectual, and social well-being.



Woolyft For Employees

Woolyft for Teachers

At Woolyft, we understand that teachers are the cornerstone of educational success. Our platform offers services tailored to support their professional growth and personal well-being. With resources for mental health, physical fitness, and intellectual development, Woolyft helps educators manage stress, pursue lifelong learning, and foster work-life harmony. We provide tools for self-care and development, ensuring that teachers can continue to inspire with vitality and passion.

As a teacher, I’ve found Woolyft to be an exceptional resource for fostering my own well-being and that of my colleagues. The platform’s personalized approach has allowed us to select wellness services that suit our individual needs, greatly enhancing our overall work-life balance. The diversity of options, from mental health support to physical fitness programs, has contributed to a more vibrant and productive academic environment. Woolyft has truly transformed my approach to personal wellness.

Fernanda Soler

PhD in Educational Studies, Universidad de Chile

As a PhD in Education in Manizales, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation Woolyft brings to educators’ professional and personal lives. Its personalized approach has significantly enhanced our ability to engage in continuous learning and self-care, critical for our demanding roles. Woolyft isn’t just a service; it’s a partner in fostering a culture of well-being and professional excellence within the academic community.

Juan Carlos Palacio

Professor in Education, Universidad Católica de Manizales

Emotional Well-Being

Anxiety, Stress Management, Depression, Sexuality, Traumas, Parenting, Mourning, Addictions.

Physical Well-Being

Personalized training, Nutritional Support, Plans to build healthy habits, Yoga, Zumba and more!

Intellectual Well-Being

Professional Development, Coaching, Sales, Digital Marketing, Online Lessons.

Social Well-Being

Events, Connect with Nature, Clubs, Associations.

Employees Enrolled in Wellness Programs in Numbers


Of employees have reported higher job satisfaction


Of employees feel motivated to give their best at their job


Less than 25% of Employees intend to leave their job within the next 12 months

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